Resumed the search for the plane in which Emiliano Sala was traveling

The rescue services of Guernsey resumed this Wednesday the search of the plane in which the Argentine player of the Cardiff City was traveling Emiliano Sala and that disappeared in the


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The rescue services of Guernsey resumed on Wednesday the search for the plane in which the Argentine player of Cardiff City Emiliano Sala was traveling and who disappeared in the English Channel , said the police of that island.

"We have resumed the search, two planes are taking off and will look for a specific area where we believe we are more likely to find something, based on a review of the currents and the time since (the device) disappeared," Guernsey Police said. your Twitter account .

Sala, 28 , and a pilot were traveling from Nantes (France) to Cardiff when communication with the aircraft was lost at the time they were crossing the English Channel.

Apparently, the player communicated with friends to whom he had expressed his fear of getting on the plane because of the turbulence he had experienced on the previous flight from Cardiff to Nantes: "Hello little hens, how are you doing little things? Brothers, I'm dead, I was here in Nantes doing things and things and things and it did not end ... I'm here on top of the plane, which seems to be falling apart and I'm going to Cardiff, it seems that tomorrow, we start in the afternoon. We start training with the new team, to see what happens, "says the Argentine footballer in the audio that has been published.

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