Nordic Ski World Cup 2019

Between February 19th and March 3rd, the 52nd Nordic World Ski Championships will take place in Seefeld, Austria. In total, 63 medals will be awarded in the sports ski jumping, nordic combined and cross-country skiing.

The Schedule

cross-country skiing

FEBRUARY 21: Women's Sprint (14.30)
FEBRUARY 21: Men's Sprint (2.30pm)
February 23: 7.5 km + 7.5 km women's skiathlon (11 am)
February 23: 15 km + 15 km men's skiiathlon (2.30 pm)
February 24: Teamsprint classic women (11.30 clock)
February 24: Teamsprint classic of the men (11.30 clock)
26th of February: 10 km classical of the women (2.30 pm)
FEBRUARY 27: 15 km classic of men (2 pm)
February 28: 4x5 km women's relay (1 pm)
March 1: 4x10 km relay of men (1:15 pm)
March 2: 30 km mass start women's freestyle (12.15 pm)
March 3: 50 km mass start men's freestyle (1 pm)

Nordic combination (men)

February 22: single large hill + 10km (10.30 clock / 16.15 clock)
February 24: Team large hill + 2x7.5 km (10.30 am / 1.30 pm)
28 February: single normal hill + 10km (11 o'clock / 15.15 o'clock)
March 2: Team large hill + 4x5km (11 clock / 14:45 clock)

Ski jumping (men and women)

February 23: single large hill of the men (14.30 clock)
February 24: Men's Team Competition (2:45 pm)
FEBRUARY 27: Single Normal Hill of Women (4:15 pm)
March 1: single normal hill of the men (16 clock)
March 2: Mixed Competition (4pm)

The favorites and the Germans

Ski jumping

The high flyer of the season, Ryoyu Kobayashi, is the top contender for gold in the two individual disciplines (normal and large jump). After his historic "Grand Slam" in the Four Hills Tournament, he could also be the defining figure at the World Cup. In the overall World Cup, the Japanese is well ahead of its competitors Kamil Stoch (Poland) and Stefan Kraft (Austria).

The German Ski Association DSV can also hope for medals: With the second of the Four Hills Tournament, Markus Eisenbichler, Willingen winner Karl Geiger and Richard Friday, there are three German medal candidates.

Getty Images

Markus Eisenbichler

The German women's situation looks just as good. Katharina Althaus is second in the overall World Cup one of the top favorites for gold. Juliane Seyfarth and Carina Vogt are also among the medal candidates. Her toughest rivals are Maren Lundby (Norway) and Sara Takanashi (Japan).

Nordic combination

After many years of dominance, Jarl Magnus Riiber (Norway) and Akito Watabe (Japan) are making the top places for the German athletes. However, with Johannes Rydzek, Vinzenz Geiger and the five-time overall World Cup winner Eric Frenzel, the DSV still has victory candidates. In the season Germany is considered a top favorite.

cross-country skiing

Norwegians have been shaping the cross-country skiing scene for years. Also at this World Cup Norwegian athletes should win a large part of the medal set. Sprint star Johannes Høsflot Klæbo is regarded as a gold candidate, as are his compatriots Sjur Røthe, Didrik Tønseth and Simen Hegstad Krüger. The Russian Alexander Bolshunov could break the dominance of Norwegians.

The situation is similar with women. The Norwegian Therese Johaug is the gold favorite on the distance courses. In the sprint, two Swedes have good chances with Stina Nilsson and Maja Dahlqvist.


Therese Johaug

The World Cup on TV

As usual, all decisions will be made alternately on the public broadcasters (Das Erste, ZDF) or in their livestreams. In addition, Eurosport broadcasts the World Cup.


Ski jumping:

1. Thomas Morgenstern (Austria) - 8x gold, 2x silver, 1x bronze
2. Wolfgang Loitzl (Austria) - 7x gold, 1x bronze
3. Gregor Schlierenzauer (Austria) - 6x gold, 5x silver
4. Matti Nykänen (Finland) - 6x Gold, 2x Silver, 3x Bronze
5. Janne Ahonen (Finland) - 5x gold, 3x silver, 2x bronze
6. Birger Ruud (Norway) - 5x gold, 2x silver
7. Martin Schmitt (Germany) - 4x gold, 3x silver, 3x bronze
8. Jari Puikkonen (Finland) - 4x Gold, 2x Silver, 3x Bronze
9. Ari-Pekka Nikkola (Finland) - 4x Gold, 2x Silver, 1x Bronze
10. Adam Malysz (Poland) - 4x Gold, 1x Silver, 1x Bronze
11. Jens Weißflog (Germany) - 3x gold, 4x silver, 4x bronze

Nordic combination:

1. Johannes Rydzek (Germany), 6x gold, 4x silver, 1x bronze
2. Bjarte Engen Vik (Norway), 5x gold, 3x silver
3. Eric Frenzel (Germany), 5x gold, 5x silver, 2x bronze
4. Jason Lamy Chappuis (France), 5x Gold, 5x Bronze
5. Ronny Ackermann (Germany), 4x gold, 5x silver, 1x bronze
6. Kenji Ogiwara (Japan), 4x Gold, 1x Bronze
7. Fred Børre Lundberg (Norway), 3x Gold, 3x Silver
8. Bernhard Gruber (Austria), 3x gold, 2x silver, 1x bronze
9. Hannu Manninen (Finland), 3x gold, 1x silver, 2x bronze
10. Hermann Weinbuch (Germany), 3x gold, 1x bronze

Cross-country skiing (men and women):

1. Marit Bjørgen (Norway), 18x gold, 4x silver, 3x bronze
2. Jelena Välbe (Russia), 14x gold, 3x silver
3. Petter Northug (Norway), 13x gold, 3x silver
4. Larissa Lasutina (Russia), 11x gold, 1x silver, 2x bronze
5. Bjørn Dæhlie (Norway), 9x gold, 5x silver, 3x bronze
6. Galina Kulakova (Soviet Union), 9x gold, 3x silver, 4x bronze
7. Sixten Jernberg (Sweden), 8x Gold, 3x Silver, 4x Bronze
8. Alevtina Kolchina (Soviet Union), 8x gold, 2x silver, 3x bronze
9. Raissa Smetanina (Soviet Union), 7x gold, 6x silver, 4x bronze
10. Gunde Svan (Sweden), 7x gold, 3x silver, 1x bronze