Joachim Loew: The train has not left yet

At a special press conference Joachim Löw explains that Hummels, Boateng and Müller are not banished. And: the problem was the president's message.

On Friday at 11.42 clock the German football journalists received a very German message: "Due to delays of the Deutsche Bahn," wrote the DFB in his WhatsApp service, "can not begin punctually scheduled for 12:30 clock press conference with national coach Joachim Loew. Was there ever a sentence that would better describe our country? Football federation and course in the double pass, DFB and DB, only one letter separates them - two German institutions, two global players, both of which are somewhat defensive.

Like the train, Jogi Löw has been in demand for crisis PR for some time. This time, because it has come in his personnel planning to a kind of modified wagon series. Last week he surprisingly parted ways with Thomas Müller, Jérôme Boateng and Mats Hummels, even though he had declared them "indispensable" only a few months ago. Forever, as everyone understood it.

How the no was meant

On Shrove Tuesday Loew was in Munich at the door and brought them in short talks the sad news. Shortly thereafter, this detail is important, sent the DFB President Reinhard Grindel a message in which he welcomed the decision of his coach literally. Not only many media, but all three stakeholders criticized the nature and style of the decision. Hummels expressed his anger, Boateng a bit more moderate. The most direct was Müller. This has nothing to do with "appreciation" and "style," he said.

Löw did not want to leave it that way and called a special press conference, opposing the general accusation of avoiding the public. First he apologized for being forty-two minutes late by his spokesman, then he told all journalists who had not read his announcements on picture plus before, the news as he had meant the No to the three world champions.

"I have no idea what will be in a year"

His message: It was important for him to have brought the decision to the players in a personal conversation. Otherwise he would have been ashamed. By the way it came out that he did not want to be so committed, as everyone had understood. He said he had not "banished" the three words for which he found very worthy words, "but I'm planning the qualifiers and the European Championships without them." A comeback of the three is thus possible if half the team injured or get into shape crisis, or so. On repeated demand, Löw, who was once called a visionary, said, "I have no idea what will be in a year."

Löw was in a different point, which was also something of delays in the operation of the DFB made clear: The DFB President Reinhard Grindel was a few days after the operation Säbener road in the FAZ quote, he felt informed by the national coach , Loew rejected this charge. He informed Oliver Bierhoff in good time, who in turn subsequently provided the usual distributor. By the way, Löw did not name the president, but said that he let "some people" know, but not others.

ref: zeit