Golf: The roaring quarantine of Tiger Woods

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest returns in the history of a sport. At 43, Tiger Woods has achieved the unthinkable and won a major tournament - the Masters Augusta - after having, literally and figuratively, collapsed in recent years. But...

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The green jacket of the Augusta tournament for this great return of the champion. Reuters / Brian Snyder

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest returns in the history of a sport. At 43, Tiger Woods has achieved the unthinkable and won a major tournament - the Masters Augusta - after having, literally and figuratively, collapsed in recent years. But the "Tiger" had not said its last word.

Tiger Woods was an exceptional golf champion. However, after both physical and psychological disappointments, it is a sportsman shot down, or even decreased, found in the first pages of tabloids rather than sports magazines in recent years ...

The thread of disappointments that follows makes this sporting comeback during the prestigious Augusta Masters competition on April 14, 2019 even more intense.

► November 2009: after revelations about his infidelities and a car accident caused by his future ex-wife who chased him with a golf club, he retired from the sport for an indefinite period and " put order in his life ".
► 2014: injured, he has a back surgery for the first time.
► 2017: fourth operation of the back, then he is arrested by the police asleep driving under the influence of drugs and antidepressants. Falling to 1100th place in the world rankings, the dice seemed to be thrown for a wounded "Tiger".

Tiger Woods, with its natural ferocity and iconic red t-shirt

But now, at 43, Tiger Woods is far from being a man like everyone else and the planet golf dreamed of the return of his champion of always. Because it is Tiger Woods and he alone that has raised and transformed this sport in the eyes of the players but also curious who surprised so many shows and commitments muscular in a discipline to the stilted image.

On April 14, 2019, Tiger Woods, with his natural ferocity and his iconic red t-shirt, stood up to the greatest during part of the day, to outperform them at the finish and without any dispute with three birdies between holes 13 and 16. The ball of Francesco Molinari, his most dangerous adversary of the day, found the water during this time.

So it's a new Tiger Woods with a demonstrative joy that has thrown himself into the arms of his mother but also his children as those of his new companion Erica Herman. A part of the public, who exulted before this historic victory, even benefited from the contact of this champion usually more fearful.

"To win this title, 22 years after my first coronation here, it's surreal "

The pure emotion of this man, who was really hurt both in his flesh and in his mind, was explained later in the newsroom: " I really doubted that I could come back two or three years. I could not walk, I could not sit or lie down, I could not do anything anymore. But, fortunately, I had this operation [arthrodesis, fusion of vertebrae in 2017, Editor's note] and that gave me a chance to have a normal life. And all of a sudden, I also realized that I could play golf again. I had the feeling that I could put all the puzzle pieces back in place to play well and even win. My body is not the same as a few years ago but I still have good hands. "

Then, the American added: "To regain this title, twenty-two years after my first coronation here, it is surreal, I can not be more happy, I do not have words to describe what I feel. "

" I'm literally in tears after watching Tiger Woods "

On social media, Tiger Woods' game and victory foolishness was the most talked-about topic with over 1,200,000 #TigerWoods mentions in front of the #Masters event, which peaked at 800,000. barely.

US President Donald Trump, like his predecessor, Barack Obama, congratulated him: " I like strong people under pressure. Congratulations to Tiger Woods, really a great champion. What a fantastic comeback for a really great guy "@realDonaldTrump. " Go back and win the Masters after all the ups and downs is a symbol of excellence, courage and determination " @BarackObama. But also Serena Williams, the tennis champion, who found the words: " I'm literally in tears after watching Tiger Woods. He did something great, like no one else before him. When we know what you have gone through physically, come back and succeed what you just did? A million congratulations. You are a source of inspiration, thank you my friend. Or Stephen Curry, the basketball player: " It's the most beautiful comeback in the history of sport! Congratulations Tiger Woods. Let me touch one of your five green jackets one day. "

A win that also made a lucky one, because by betting the tidy sum of $ 85,000 to 14/1 for a success of Tiger Woods on Tuesday (a golf tournament takes place over four days) a bettor pocketed $ 1,190,000 in winnings and floored an online betting site that communicates as follows: " The victory of Tiger is beautiful, but it is our biggest loss ever endured . Like what, you must always have faith in Tiger Woods.