Gameiro pushes Valencia to eighths

Black and white, with hardly any grays. This is Valencia CF, a team that traces impossible matches while suffers to settle placid playoffs like the one that was brought


Gameiro beat Bain to score Valencia's goal against Celtic in Mestalla. MANUEL BRUQUEEFE

Valencia defeats a Celtic volunteer with a Gameiro goal and qualifies for the Europa League round of 16

The injury of Garay, the only setback for Marcelino

Black and white, with hardly any grays. This is Valencia CF , a team that traces impossible matches while suffering to finish placid qualifying rounds like the one that was brought a week ago from Glasgow. And sometimes all at once in the same game. With a 2-0 favor, the Valencians were uncomfortable and inaccurate before a Celtic with much more will than resources . To remain in inferiority it burned to the Scottish ones, who had opportunity to stimulate the duel until, in the middle of the second part, Gameiro lowered the bolt and the Valencia removed chevrons. [Narration and statistics]

The Celtic jumped to Mestalla willing to drive and approach Neto with some danger while Marcelino's eleven, drowsy, did not know how to create enough. There is nothing like knowing what you have at home, perhaps that's why the Asturian coach warned that he still did not look in the round. What might appear to be false modesty turned out to be a premonition. Only when the opponent was inferior , on the edge of the break, Parejo, Ferran and Santi Mina were able to test Bain's hands.

Until then the Celtic was a rival with a lot of brain but little lung . Weigh the games in the legs and, with important fronts open in all competitions, Marcelino resorted to the rotations that led to the field a strange eleven. Parejo and Carlos Soler were paired to take the handle, but none shines the same without a squire who scratches the ball to the contrary and allows them to think. The hole in the creation unleashed that neither Guedes nor Ferran had enough ball for the overflow and speed.

The two daggers that Marcelino wanted to take advantage of were running, but not towards Celtic's goal. Sobrino was the first to be planted in the area, but his play did not touch the door while the Scots tried to build at least disturbing contras.

From a loss of Lato was born one that caused the first setback. With Diakhaby misplaced, Garay's career to stop Burke ended up costing him an injury . Marcelino had no more central in the call and he had to recompose with Coquelin.

With some more possession, Valencia remained crazy and inaccurate, not knowing what to do with the ball on their feet . The expulsion of Toljan left the Celtic grogui and relieved the local troubles. For the first time, five minutes before halftime, the Valencian team chained three minutes of intensity in attack. A shot from Parejo was saved by the goalkeeper's hand, who sighed in relief after seeing his right post being shot by a shot from Ferran and by catching a shot from Santi Mina's Bocajarro.

After the first part test, more due to personal confusion than due to rival merit, Valencia settled down and was locked up to the Scots , who only approached Neto with a shot from the head of Ajer.

Parejo looked for where to surprise, Guedes tried to dribble more than once and Mina did not stop looking for a door. Valencia again regretted his lack of success until Gameiro stepped on the grass . An in-depth pass from the captain to the bottom line was waiting for Wass to put the ball to the penalty spot and, hastily, the French scored. Owner of the match, even Mina was allowed to give away the second goal to a Guedes who did not understand his generosity. Maybe in the next round.

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