After the first victory in the tournament, wards Edward Koksharova was waiting for a meeting with the hosts of the competition. The German team approached this confrontation not only in the status of the record holder in terms of the number of performances at world championships, but also as one of the main favorites of the current championship. Therefore, from the Russian handball players hardly expected success in the battle with the Bundesmanshaft. At the same time, even defeat could not put an end to their tournament prospects, because the match with the Brazilians still remained key.

But the Russians did not stop in the face of three-time world champions and gave a real fight to the Germans. The teams have relied on defense, as a result of which the standoff did not abound with a large number of goals. For two teams scored only 44 points, showing the second most ineffective match of the tournament at the moment. Only teams from Argentina and Egypt scored less (42 points).

But as it turned out, the coaching staff of the Russian national team made an absolutely correct decision, which brought the team such an important score. By the break, Koksharov’s wards were losing two goals, but thanks to the inspired play of Timur Dibirov, who personally sent eight goals to the opponent's goal, they were able to snatch the most important draw. The key role in the end was played by Dmitry Zhitnikov, who issued a couple of key interceptions that allowed the Russians to level the score.

A drawn-out draw was supposed to favorably affect not only the standings of the Russians, but also their emotional state. After an unexpected loss of points in the game with the Serbs, Koshkarova's ward had to regain lost points. Thus, on the eve of a key meeting with the Brazilians, they gained not only a two-point advantage over their main competitor in the fight for a start in the next stage, but also an understanding that they are able to fight on equal terms with the strongest teams of the planet.

South Americans have never been among the leaders of the world handball, but on a regular basis, they beat up more famous teams. In the opening match of the current championship, they almost took points from the reigning world champions of the French, which already spoke about the level of the Brazilian team.

They reminded of their intransigence and in the fourth match of the group stage. The Brazilians combined great in the attack, and in their half of the site were extremely tenacious. When the defense failed, the goalkeepers came to the rescue. Cesar Almeida acted as the main goalkeeper and looked brilliantly in the "frame", and his colleague Leonardo Tersariol in the first 30 minutes reflected two seven-meter performed by Timur Dibirov and Daniil Shishkaryov.

The Russians also had serious problems in organizing attacks, often losing ground on long shots, which were easily parried by Brazilian goalkeepers. Only Timur Dibirov, who threw a little, but almost no slip, met his high standards. Even for the first half of the meeting in his asset was listed three points scored. However, even his efforts were not enough to ensure equality in the bill. At the break, Koksharov's wards left, losing to rivals with a score of 10:15.

Guess who is leading our team now?
Right! Two goals of Timur Dibirov, and the gap was reduced to the minimum! #RUSBRA - 17: 18 # handballworld # handball19 # ЧМ

- Handball of Russia (@rushandball) January 15, 2019

After the break, the Russians began to act much more inventive and aggressive in the attack. And this is despite the fact that they started the second half in the absence of a remote Dibirov. They quickly reduced the difference in the score to one point, and Dmitry Zhitnikov and Oleg Grams assumed the role of leader. The point guard looked great ahead and effectively doubled the massive defensive line of the opponent. And the goalkeeper caught a real boldness by the 40th minute, reflecting three seven-meter shots.

The Russians were even able to level the score and were close to getting ahead, but at a crucial moment Brazilian national team coach Washington Nunes pulled a trump card from the sleeve. A spare linear Vinicius Junior appeared on the court, the Russians could not adapt to the game. The actions of a physically powerful, stocky player seemed a bit awkward, but almost all of his shots ended with a goal from the Russian national team.

Seven minutes before the final whistle, an episode occurred, which actually put an end to the chances of a Russian. Dibirov in a desperate jump tried to complete the attack of the Russian team, but could not get into the goal. Frustrated by the fact that the referee did not see a violation of the rules on him, Timur got up and pushed the opponent’s goalkeeper, Almeida, who was trying to step over him. The Brazilian instantly grabbed his face, and the chief arbiter of the meeting got a red card.

In the absence of their leader, the wards of Koksharov struggled to gain such important points, but could not catch up with their rival. Neither the rescue of Grams nor the dedication of Alexander Shkurinsky saved them. In the end of the meeting, he jumped the ball from an opponent in a jump and gave it to his partner Kosorotov, but Sergei did not hit the target from a destructive position. And 30 seconds before the end of the next masterpiece he created Almeida, who tightly fixed the ball.

Russian handball players suffered their first defeat in the tournament and seriously complicated their task of entering the main group stage of the tournament. In the final match, they need to beat the French world champions and hope that the Brazilians will lose points in the match with the main outsider of the sextet - the South Koreans.