Due to the extremely strong cold air of this winter, there are movements in various places to prepare for snow and affect it.

Delivery of parcels and mail is also affected (24th 16:30)

Courier services and postal deliveries are being affected by heavy snow and frozen roads.

Due to traffic restrictions due to heavy snowfall, Yamato Transport has temporarily reduced shipments from all over Japan to Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui prefectures, and from Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui prefectures to all over Japan. Stopping storage.

In addition, as there is a possibility that the delivery of luggage may be delayed in other areas of the country, it is said that the luggage is kept after obtaining the approval of the customer in advance about the delay in delivery.

Sagawa Express has also suspended delivery and collection of packages in parts of Matsuyama City, and delivery and collection are delayed in all areas of Hokkaido and Okinawa prefectures, and in parts of Nagasaki and Kagoshima prefectures.

Preparing for water outage Miyazaki

In preparation for water outages due to severe cold weather, nursery schools in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture are busy with measures such as storing water for toilets in advance.

At Takagi Nursery School in Takagi-cho, Miyakonojo City, seven years ago, the water supply was cut off due to a cold wave, which made it impossible to flush toilets and affected the preparation of school lunches.

Since the morning of the 25th is expected to be severely cold, nursery schools are preparing for water outages by checking the drinking water in PET bottles that have been stockpiled for disasters and storing water for toilets in large buckets. I was chased by correspondence.

A small amount of water will continue to run from the outdoor wash basin faucet tonight to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Reiko Kakinoki, head of Takagi nursery school, said, "I heard that seven years ago, I had a hard time because I didn't store water in advance, so I decided to prepare well this time. I just hope that the cold wave will pass without incident. I was talking.

Responses such as early school time at elementary school Toyama

In Toyama Prefecture, in response to the forecast of heavy snow, many elementary schools took measures such as leaving school early.

Among them, Utanomori Elementary School in Imizu City canceled afternoon classes and sent the children home after school lunches.

In the 3rd grade class, the homeroom teacher explained what to be careful about when leaving school, and because it is difficult to see the ground due to snow, be careful not to fall into a ditch or irrigation canal or jump out into the roadway. He called out that it is important to walk carefully as if stepping on the snow.

Machiko Nakamura said, "It snowed a lot during class, so I was worried about how much it would pile up before the children could go home. This time, we had decided to leave school early, so we were able to let the children go home with peace of mind. I'm relieved," he said.

Many municipalities in Toyama Prefecture have decided to temporarily close elementary and junior high schools on the 25th.

Farmers prepare for snow Fukui

With heavy snow forecast, farmers in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture were busy preparing for the snow.

Kenichi Yoshida (46), who grows turnips in Mikuni-cho, Sakai City, inspected the snow melting device that melts the snow that accumulates between agricultural greenhouses from the morning of the 24th.

When Mr. Yoshida operated the device, a mist of water spouted out from the pipe attached to the outside of the house.

He also had equipment for shoveling snow on his tractor in preparation for snow clearing operations on farm roads.

Fukui Prefecture is calling on farmers and related organizations to inspect snow melting equipment and reinforce the roofs to prevent snow from accumulating unevenly on the roofs, in order to prevent damage such as collapse of agricultural greenhouses.

Mr. Yoshida said, "I'm not too worried about it because it's an agricultural house with a strong framework, but I'd like to take measures such as melting the snow with a snow melting device as soon as possible."

Sanae Seno, chief of the Sakai Agriculture and Forestry General Office in Fukui Prefecture, said, "I want advance measures to prevent agricultural damage from snow."