Due to the power outage caused by the earthquake on the night of the 16th, the new corona vaccine stored in the refrigerator became unusable, and the new corona vaccine was discarded one after another. It means that it was abandoned.

Of these, in

Bunkyo Ward, due to a power outage, at least 809 vaccines that had been refrigerated at 30 medical institutions could no longer be used and were discarded.

In addition, in

Koto Ward, a total of 744 vaccines were discarded at two mass inoculation sites, and in

Nishitokyo City, 285 vaccines were discarded at one mass inoculation site.

In response to the earthquake, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government urgently investigated, and as of the evening of the 18th, 16 wards and cities reported a total of 23,600 disposals, so about 1 in one place. In some cases, 10,000 doses were discarded.

It means that each local government responds by making ends meet from inventory.

According to the city, vaccines are transported from the local government's freezing storage facility to the inoculation site, but since many venues do not have an emergency power supply, if the temperature inside the refrigerator rises due to a power outage, the vaccine must be inoculated within a predetermined time. It means that you have to dispose of it.

The capital says, "We would like to respond promptly, such as by accommodating vaccines between wards, cities, towns and villages, so that the inoculation plans of local governments will not be affected."