Regarding the support activities by the Self-Defense Forces to Tonga, which was damaged by the large-scale eruption of a submarine volcano, Minister of Defense Kishi ordered the end of the activities on the 17th, based on the fact that the delivery of supplies has been completed.

To support Tonga, the Ministry of Defense has dispatched two C130 transport aircraft of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and the transport ship "Osumi" of the Maritime Self-Defense Force since the 20th of last month to use high-pressure washing machines to remove drinking water and volcanic ash. We delivered supplies such as.

Regarding this, Minister of Defense Kishi revealed to reporters that he ordered the end of the activity on the 17th, based on the fact that the delivery of supplies was completed.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the two C130 transport aircraft will carry about 17 tons of drinking water, high-pressure washers, canned goods, and other supplies, and the transport ship "Osumi" will carry drinking water and other items, including transportation to remote islands by the onboard helicopter. It means that about 210 tons of equipment for removing volcanic ash was delivered to the site.

Minister Kishi said, "The support provided by the Self-Defense Forces has been highly evaluated and appreciated by the Government of Tonga. I showed it in action. "