Due to the effects of low pressure and cold air, it is expected that it will snow over a wide area of ​​Kanto Koshin on the 10th, and there is a risk of heavy snowfall even in the plains of southern Kanto such as the 23rd ward of Tokyo.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is calling for action with a margin, saying that transportation may be affected on the evening of the 10th.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, a low pressure system off the coast of the Tokaido is moving eastward while developing near the southern coast of Honshu, and cold air is flowing into the sky. increase.

After this, the range of snow clouds is expected to gradually expand, and on the 10th it will snow over a wide area of ​​Kanto Koshin and Shizuoka prefectures, and there is a risk that it will accumulate not only along the mountains but also in the plains of southern Kanto such as the 23rd ward of Tokyo.

In the 23rd ward of Tokyo, the amount of snow is expected to be 5 cm by the evening of the 10th, and it is expected that it will continue to snow until the dawn of the 11th. It is said that the amount of snow will increase and it may reach the standard of heavy snow warning.

In the Kanto region, even a small amount of snow may significantly disturb the transportation schedule, and may cause a car slip accident or a pedestrian or bicycle fall accident.

The Japan Meteorological Agency confirms the latest weather information, is wary of the impact on traffic due to heavy snowfall and freezing of the road surface, and is also calling attention to power outages due to snow accretion.

In the evening of the 10th and the morning of the 11th, traffic is expected to be disrupted due to snow and freezing, and the city is calling for early return home, paying attention to changes in the schedule even when commuting, in addition to utilizing telework.

Please make a schedule with plenty of time and refrain from going out unnecessarily in case of heavy snow.