In India, where heavy rains continue, another major flood in the southern states has killed at least 17 people and left dozens missing.

In India and neighboring countries, the damage caused by heavy rains has become more serious, with more than 100 people killed last month, and experts have pointed out the effects of climate change.

Heavy rains from 18th of this month have caused massive floods in several parts of the state, killing at least 17 people and leaving dozens missing, according to Andhra Pradesh officials in southern India. That is.

Local footage shows a bus submerged to the roof and people seeking help from above a flooded vehicle being rescued by a military helicopter.

In addition, many buildings have collapsed in the residential area, and the search for missing persons is still ongoing.

In India and neighboring Nepal, heavy rains have caused floods and landslides, killing more than 100 people in total last month, experts point out that climate change is also a background.

India's Prime Minister Modi, who attended the UN Conference on Climate Change COP26 this month, has also called for measures, saying that developing countries are more affected by climate change.