Last year, the Dutch spent more than eight billion euros on sustainability.

Good news for our planet.

But also for your energy bill, your living comfort, energy label and the value of your home.

There are few reasons not to make your home more sustainable.

But beware: there is more to this than you think.

Especially with the rising energy bill, it is becoming more and more attractive to make your home more sustainable.

A smart choice for later.

Do you also want to invest in your home and save money in the long run?

Then think about Aegon.

With the right insurance, you avoid surprises when making your business more sustainable.

For example, you can also insure your solar panels with a home insurance policy.

And legal expenses insurance is useful if you are having trouble with the contractor.

1. Home insurance (home insurance)

Solar panels, heat pumps and solar water heaters are often a significant investment.

What if these get damaged?

For example, due to a storm that causes damage to the solar panels.

Or what if a broken pallet stove causes damage to your home?

Check in advance whether this is covered by your home insurance, because this differs per insurer.

With Aegon, everything that is attached to your house is part of the home insurance.

So also your solar panels, boiler and heat pump.

View the differences between Basic and Allrisk and read what is co-insured.

Good to know: do you have a rental home or an apartment for sale?

Then you can insure improvements through the tenant's interest or apartment owner's interest.

You can insure this with your home contents insurance.

2. Contents insurance

Sustainability does not mean snapping your fingers once.

You usually have to grow for that.

Often with (expensive) tools.

Are you sure this is properly insured?

Check your home insurance.

So you don't have to worry about whether all your belongings are insured.

This does not only apply to tools that you use to make improvements in your home, but also, for example, to those insulating curtains that keep the heat in and your electric bicycle in the hallway.

Tip from Aegon: do you do the job yourself and do you help the neighbors with sustainability, for example?

Then liability insurance is a good thing.

For example, if you accidentally damage other people's things.

3. Legal expenses insurance

Suppose you outsource sustainability, but it doesn't go as planned.

For example, you get into an argument with the contractor because he does not keep to your agreements.

Then legal expenses insurance can be your salvation.

At Aegon, the additional Housing cover includes insurance for legal assistance in the event of conflicts about a renovation.

Tip from Aegon: think ahead and take out legal expenses insurance on time.

If there is already a disagreement, you are too late.

In addition, some insurers have a waiting period of several months.

Events that occur before taking out the insurance or during the waiting period are not insured.

Think ahead with Aegon

In short: those who think ahead and take out the right insurance will not be surprised.

Insure your house or your belongings in the house?

Find out here which home insurance policies you need.

Aegon likes to think ahead with you, also when it comes to making your home more sustainable.