At the elementary school in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture, which was the remains of the earthquake that conveys the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the nuclear accident, it was opened to the public on the 24th.

Preserved as it was at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Ukedo Elementary School in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture, was severely damaged by the tsunami of the earthquake 10 years ago, and the children escaped to high ground and were safe, but the subsequent nuclear accident forced them to evacuate nationwide.

As the first earthquake remains in Fukushima Prefecture, it will be open to the public on the 24th, and at the ceremony held prior to that, Kana Yokoyama, who was a sixth grader at the time of the earthquake, said, "More than 10 years have passed since the earthquake and the nuclear accident. However, I am aware that my daily memories before the earthquake are gradually fading. I hope that Fukushima Elementary School will be a place where locals can gather again as well as a traditional facility that conveys the lessons learned from the earthquake. " Did.

The tsunami-flooded ground floor preserves the ragged classroom walls and floors, the muddy organ, and the gymnasium with a graduation banner scheduled two weeks later. It is still standing.

In addition, on the second floor, there is a panel explaining that it became difficult to search for missing persons due to evacuation orders due to the nuclear accident, and a blackboard on which graduates from the evacuation site left a message.

On the 24th, the first day of the exhibition, locals and others visited and looked at the school building as they wished.

A 37-year-old man from Katsurao Village, Fukushima Prefecture, said, "I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the tsunami damage. Ukedo Elementary School is a place where children all over the country can learn the lessons of the disaster. I want you to be. "

High school students of kindergarten children at that time "I want many people to know the current situation of damage"

A 17-year-old male high school student who evacuated to Fukushima City from the Ukedo district where the elementary school is located after the nuclear accident said, "I was a senior kindergarten at the time of the earthquake, and I don't remember much, but I was planning to enroll in that year. When I came to Ukedo Elementary School, I was surprised that the tsunami had caused so much damage. I wanted many people to know about this situation. "

In addition, a man who was a sixth grader at Ukedo Elementary School at the time of the earthquake said, "I was happy to be able to meet my classmates who were separated due to the nuclear accident at the open house today. I want it to be a place where friends can get together and talk about their memories. "

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