There is a lot of cycling in the Netherlands.

Before the pandemic, the Dutch already cycled 15 billion kilometers a year, but in times of corona it is impossible to drag a bike around at all.

Sales of e-bikes in particular went through the roof.

Half of the new two-wheelers are now electric.

Many people purchase an electric bicycle for extra convenience, to cover longer distances or to continue cycling into their old age.

But how do you choose the right bike?

From the super-fast speed pedelec to the electric cargo bike and e-city bike: there are so many different e-bikes, each with different properties, that it is often difficult to know what to look for when purchasing one.

Before purchasing an e-bike, always determine what you are going to use the bicycle for and which properties are important to you, advises Kjeld van Dijk, e-bike expert at

"Many people seem to forget this step, as a result of which they are more likely to purchase an e-bike that may not quite meet their requirements. It is therefore advisable to map out for yourself where, how often and when you will use the bicycle. "

Engine is undervalued

Strangely enough, recent research by, for example, shows that the motor is an undervalued part of the electric bicycle.

While that makes the difference between a regular bicycle and an e-bike.

The majority of the respondents indicate that they mainly pay attention to driving comfort when purchasing an e-bike.

No less than forty percent of people who own an e-bike indicate that they have sometimes lacked engine power or were afraid that their bicycle would not make it to the top of the slope.

A powerful and reliable engine is therefore important if you like long bike rides.

Especially if you like to cycle through hilly landscape or if you like to take your bike with you on holiday.

Because abroad you quickly brave more hills than in the Netherlands.

Read more about different engines here.

The correct composition of all parts

When purchasing an electric bicycle, always look at the composition of the electric parts of the bicycle, is another advice. This way you will quickly learn more about the bicycle and what it can do. The right composition of electrical parts and techniques can ensure the right balance and suit your wishes and cycling behaviour. In addition to the motor and battery, the drive, gears, display, sensors and software are also part of this, for example.

Many electric bicycles have parts from different brands.

This is not a problem and in most cases the parts are perfectly matched.

But there are major differences in some compositions of motors and batteries.

For example, the power of the engine can vary enormously.

There are many more factors that make one bike more suitable for challenging rides through nature, and the other more suitable for everyday traffic in the city.

It is advisable to pay close attention to this so that you choose the bicycle, engine and technology that best suits you.

Find the e-bike that suits you

How do you choose the e-bike that best suits your needs and use?

Read on what you should pay attention to to find the bike that suits you and see immediately where your dream bike is in stock.