In Toshima Village, Kagoshima Prefecture, more than 200 earthquakes with a seismic intensity of 1 or higher have been observed since the night of April 9, and in Akusekijima, shaking with a seismic intensity of 4 has been observed four times.

The village intends to be vigilant and respond to sediment-related disasters in the event of an expected heavy rain and earthquake after the 13th.

According to the Meteorological Observatory, Kagoshima Prefecture has had a series of earthquakes with epicenters near the Tokara Islands since late night on April 9, and Akusekijima in Toshima Village has observed seismic intensity 4 shaking four times by 5 pm on the 12th. did.

In addition, there are 217 earthquakes with a seismic intensity of 1 or higher that can be felt by the body, such as observing a total of 15 seismic intensity 3 tremors on Akusekijima and Kodakarajima.

Mr. Shoji Higo held a press conference and said, "If an earthquake occurs after it rains, there is concern about the damage caused by sediment-related disasters." It was.

As for Akusekijima, the village-owned ferry brings in 4000 liters of domestic water in preparation for water damage, and is calling on the islanders to secure water.

According to the village, as of the morning of the 12th, there were 70 villagers and construction workers on Akusekijima, and among them, 5 people from 3 households who may be isolated due to sediment-related disasters are being called for voluntary evacuation. That is.

Mayor Higo said, "When the earthquake continued about 20 years ago, the villagers were quite confused. This time, we will prepare so that the villagers will not be anxious."