The pandemic has changed the way we work.

Recent figures from the RIVM show that the majority of employees (approximately 70 percent) indicate that they currently work completely from home if possible.

If we can return to the office in the future, a shift is expected to hybrid working: partly at the office and partly from home.

The cabinet is also looking ahead to working (from home) in the future and is asking the Social and Economic Council (SER) for advice on working conditions and the effects of hybrid working.

Based on the SER advice, an agenda will be drawn up for the future of working from home.

In this way, the Netherlands can prepare for the work situation after corona, in which working from home will certainly remain a place and teams will (partly) come together remotely.

The ultimate tip for this is IRIS, a 4K webcam especially for office spaces.

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for the new way of working here.

Hybrid work presents challenges

For many, this hybrid work will be a challenge from time to time, says Craig Hill, Head of B2B at Trust - the leading brand for digital lifestyle accessories.

This means an adjustment of business communication.

"The video conferencing is something that will remain. Trust wants to help companies to keep their meetings at a distance, while retaining the personal aspect. High-quality equipment is indispensable, but at the same time we believe that it should be accessible to every company."

Personal video calls

Trust has developed IRIS especially for the business market;


plug and play

video conferencing solution that turns any small to medium meeting room into a professional video conferencing room.

"With this camera, video conferencing becomes almost as personal as pre-corona meetings."

Hill: "IRIS is up and running in minutes. The camera immediately provides an optimal connection between the people in the meeting room and all remote participants. Simply through familiar video conferencing applications such as Teams, Zoom and Google Meet."

Professional remote meetings

One of the unique features of IRIS is that the high-quality 4K ultra-HD camera is equipped with a participant and speaker mode.

Simply switch on with the supplied remote control and the preset modes.

Is the camera in participant mode?

Then the wide-angle view ensures that everyone is in the picture.

In speaker mode, the camera automatically zooms in on who is speaking.

That immediately makes every meeting a lot more professional.

Anyone who often video conferences knows that the sound often leaves something to be desired during digital meetings.

That is why IRIS has a built-in microphone with a good range, up to five meters.

It is optimized for speech and has a

noise cancellation

function so that ambient noise is no longer a disturbing factor.

Do you also want to hold professional meetings remotely while maintaining personal contact?

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