What are you doing on the Easter weekend?

From Easter egg hunt to extensive breakfast and a festive dinner;

The Dutch are increasingly unpacking at Easter.

The Easter days look more and more like Christmas.

But where the holidays are normally not complete without family or friends, we have to do it again this year with a small group.

Even then you can make it a very happy Easter.

Unpack by gourmet food with the whole family this year.

Although baking in small pans comes from Asia, gourmet food is a typical Dutch tradition that is indispensable in our country.

And kids love it.

Involve the children in the gourmet shopping

To make it even more fun for them, you can involve them as much as possible in the gourmet.

First of all, make a shopping list together with what should not be missing: from tasty sauces to pancake mix, hamburgers and eggs.

But let the kids also choose their favorite vegetable and then be creative.

For example, cut cucumber fries.

Set and decorate the table together

The Easter table becomes even more festive when you set it and decorate it together.

Go for a cheerfully colored tablecloth and (cardboard) plates with an Easter print.

Decorate the table with nice napkins, Easter eggs or self-painted eggs.

Create gourmet recipes together

Dive into the kitchen with the kids to try out new gourmet recipes together.

TV chef Danny Jansen and his daughter Jones (6) also love gourmet food.

Together with Calvé, they have come up with delicious gourmet ideas, including homemade chicken crisps and cucumber in the form of fries.

The chicken crisps from your own gourmet set are an absolute favorite with the kids, but everyone really loves this.

Watch how to make them in the video:


Gourmet recipe for chicken crisps

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Want even more gourmet ideas for Easter?

Go gourmet with the Calvé sauces and get inspired with the Calvé recipe videos.