If you are looking for a new business car, it pays to enter the market well prepared.

For example, what about the addition rates for 2021?

And which new models combine rich equipment with a very attractive addition?

1. What is addition?

If you drive more than 500 private kilometers in a year in a car that you also drive for business purposes, you will be faced with an addition.

This works as follows: you add the addition percentage of the total tax value of the car to your taxable income.

Tax is then levied on this according to the income tax bracket applicable to you.

Renault has a handy tool that allows you to calculate the net addition per month in a few seconds.

2. What are the addition rates for 2021?

This year there are two options for lease cars: 12 percent addition for fully electric cars with 0 grams of CO2 emissions and 22 percent addition for cars with at least 1 gram of CO2 emissions.

There is one but: if the tax value of your electric car is more than 40,000 euros, you pay the regular 22 percent addition on the amount above that.

3. How does the addition work for a private lease?

Employees who receive a mobility budget from their employer are increasingly choosing to lease their car privately instead of through the company.

This offers the necessary advantages.

This way you are not bound to a fixed budget for your car and there is no addition for Private Lease.

Via Renault Private Lease you can drive a new Renault for a fixed amount per month.

This includes all car costs, except fuel.

Moreover, you can assemble the car yourself and determine the duration yourself, varying from 24 to 60 months.

4. Which business cars have an attractive addition

Because of their lower tax value, you always lease the Renault business cars at a very attractive addition.

That is not at the expense of the rich equipment, because it is simply included in the price.

The new Renault CLIO Business is therefore already available for a net addition from 121 euros per month.

If you need a higher seat and even more space, the new Renault CAPTUR Business is an excellent choice.

In this powerful, comfortable and also richly equipped SUV, you can drive from 145 euros per month.

The stylish new Renault MEGANE Business and the extra spacious new Renault MEGANE Estate Business are available for a net addition from 171 euros and 178 euros per month respectively.

5. Are hybrid and plug-in hybrid models suitable as company cars?

For business drivers who, in addition to rich equipment and a very attractive addition, are looking for an economical and efficient car, the hybrid and plug-in hybrid models from Renault offer a solution.

The new Renault CLIO Business Hybrid features a self-charging hybrid drive.

This ensures unprecedented driving pleasure and more economical driving.

By driving electrically 80 percent of the time, you use up to 40 percent less fuel.

You also emit less CO2.

If you prefer a battery that you can charge with a plug, then you end up with a plug-in hybrid.

The new Renault CAPTUR Business Plug-in Hybrid and the new Renault MEGANE Estate Business Plug-in Hybrid have both a fuel engine and a battery that you can charge with a plug.

This allows you to benefit from the responsiveness and comfort of electric driving and you can drive up to 65 kilometers without having to rely on the fuel engine.

Would you like more information about the Renault Business models?

Then look at renault.nl.