The energy transition is in full swing.

Entrepreneurs cannot escape this within their company either.

Energy saving is required by law for many companies.

It is good to know that there are also ways to make it easy to comply with this legislation.

International and national agreements have been made to limit global warming.

The main goal of the Climate Agreement is to reduce CO2 emissions by 49 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. By 2050 this must be 95 percent less.

The Netherlands is therefore saying goodbye to fossil fuels and switching to sustainable sources, such as wind and sun.

The government requires companies to make a significant contribution to this energy transition.

Energy-efficient business

For example, every company that uses at least 50,000 kWh of electricity and / or 25,000 m3 of gas is legally obliged to take all possible energy-saving measures that can be recouped within five years.

Since 2019, these companies have to report every four years which measures they are taking to save energy.

Companies that do nothing run the risk of a fine.

Subsidies make sustainable investment more attractive

Fortunately, there are subsidies and tax schemes that save energy and make sustainable investments attractive to companies, including the energy investment deduction (EIA), the environmental investment deduction (Mia) or the netting scheme.

View all business grants and when your company qualifies for them here.

Easily save energy with the EnergieFitScan

As an entrepreneur, do you want to contribute to the energy transition and save on energy costs, but do you dread the research?

You are not alone, notes energy company Essent.

"We understand what entrepreneurs expect from an energy company today. Entrepreneurs want to structurally reduce their energy bill and be unburdened. We do this with the EnergieFitScan."

Essent's EnergieFitScan gives you, as an entrepreneur, insight into where you can save energy.

An advisor visits your company and provides tailor-made advice.

All mandatory measures that your company must comply with can be found in a clear report.

Just like the savings options, payback time, yield and which subsidies you can claim.

You will also receive support from Essent for a year in implementing the measures.

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