The discount festival is already in full swing in the run-up to Black Friday on November 27.

Do you also want to take advantage of the high discounts that are given, but do you prefer not to go to physical stores because of corona?

Then make your purchases online.

With these 10 tips you can score the best deals online safely and from your own home.

Tip 1: Choose a product, not a store

Instead of concentrating on a number of stores, it is more efficient to first consider which products you want to buy.

You can then easily and quickly find the cheapest provider on an online price or shop comparator.

On the independent comparison site and review platform, it is indicated for each product where you can buy it online and for what price.

This way you may find out that the same product is slightly cheaper at one webshop than at another.

Tip 2: Shop from home

Covid-19 recommends that you make your Black Friday purchases safely from home this year.

Shopping from home has its advantages.

Online you can search for offers much faster and easier and make your purchases through one of the many web shops that are available today.

Want to know which ones you have?

For a complete overview of web shops, visit

Tip 3: Fill your shopping cart

now Fill your shopping cart with the products you would like to buy at a discount.

On Black Friday, all you have to do is refresh your shopping cart page to see the discount.

Don't want to miss out on competitive deals?

Then you can very conveniently set a price alert or personal price drops on for your favorite product (s).

Tip 4: Focus on electronics

Electronics have the highest discounts during Black Friday compared to the rest of the year.

You can keep a close eye on this on by means of the hot deal label.

These are specially placed to give you insight into the really good offers.

Tip 5: Choose genuine and fair deals

Some providers raise their prices in the run-up to Black Friday and then lower them again on 27 November.

Therefore, check the price history of a product on to see if price changes have been implemented recently.

Tip 6: Only buy from reliable web

stores. Always check whether the web store where you want to buy something has a quality mark, such as Thuiswinkel Waarborg, Webshop Keurmerk and Kieskeurig Keurmerk.

Shops that are affiliated must adhere to certain rules: they must be clear about any additional costs, you have at least 14 days to consider and the guarantee runs through the web shop.

Tip 7: Spot deals via social media

Many shops post the best offer first on their social media channels.

That is why it is smart to follow your favorite web shops on Instagram and Facebook now.

This way you don't miss out on their offers and you can make your purchase right away.

Tip 8: View reviews and read reviews

On you will find thousands of verified product and shop reviews.

In this way you find out whether the product does what the manufacturer promises and choose the webshop that meets your wishes based on the experience of other consumers.

Tip 9: Don't wait too long

Take into account the crowds at delivery services if you want your gifts at home for the holidays.

There is a chance of longer delivery times in November and December due to more online orders and the many offers.

On you can easily and quickly see the different delivery times per webshop.

When the chance of longer delivery times arises, this will be mentioned.

Tip 10: Stay Choosy

Even if the discounts are flying around during this period and the offer is still so attractive and cheap, stay choosy.

Before you choose, take a look at the price drop page and discover the best and reliable deals quickly and safely.