With Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday just around the corner, November is the month to shop online for the holidays.

Internet criminals are also aware of this and do everything they can to take their chance.

Therefore: 6 tips for safe online shopping.

1. Make your passwords safe

Many internet users are known to use one password for all their accounts.

This makes it easy for cyber criminals to hack you and offer your password - in combination with your username or e-mail address - in datasets on the internet.

Therefore, always use a password manager who creates a different, unique password for each account.


Check whether the webshop has a quality mark

During the holidays there are many fake online stores in circulation.

Anyone who 'orders' something here will not receive anything or will receive a product of poor quality.

You can recognize a scam site by, among other things, the lack of a quality mark.

The most well-known quality marks are Thuiswinkel Waarborg and Webshop Keurmerk.

On their websites you can check whether the webshop is included in the member list.


Do not shop via your smartphone or tablet

On the small screen of a smartphone and even on the slightly larger screen of a tablet, you quickly miss crucial information, so you don't always notice a fake online store.

So feel free to browse through the products in the webshop on your smartphone, but always place an order on your PC.

4. Use a secure connection

A secure webshop has a web address that starts with 'https' or shows a lock or key next to the address bar.

This ensures that communication with the website is encrypted and that no one can intercept your entered password or credit card details.

5. Pay via PayPal or credit card

Preferably pay for the webshop via PayPal or your credit card.

If you are dealing with a fake online store, this will make it easier for you to get your money back.

With PayPal, this is because you can pay for purchase protection.

In that case, PayPal will refund the full purchase price plus the original shipping costs in case of problems.

With a credit card, articles are in any case insured against loss, damage and theft.

Even if a product is not delivered, you will in most cases get your money back thanks to the delivery guarantee.

6. Make sure you have properly functioning security software

Perhaps the most important tip: make sure your devices are properly secured.

As with the security software offered by Bitdefender.

The software uses advanced artificial intelligence and other revolutionary technologies to quickly detect threats.

With each detection, the threat is immediately blocked, even before any damage can be caused.

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