The health insurance premiums for 2021 are known.

The trend of large premium differences between health insurance policies is again clearly visible.

But in addition to the premium differences, premium increases also vary widely, with the CZ Restitutiepolis in the lead, which is becoming no less than 133 euros per year more expensive.

On average, premiums will increase by 59 euros next year.

Because the premium differences can run up to hundreds of euros per year, it may be wise, according to comparison site Independer, to take a closer look at the current health insurance policy.

If you only have basic insurance, it is good to know that the coverage is the same for all insurers.

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Impact of corona on health insurance premiums less severe than expected

At the start of the corona crisis, many experts feared that the impact on health insurance premiums would be significant.

But it turns out that the extra costs of corona are partly offset by delayed and scaled down care.

Nevertheless, the health insurance premium for the basic insurance is rising by an average of 59 euros per year.

With a significant increase like the CZ restitution policy, it is even 133 euros on an annual basis.

De Amersfoortse's reimbursement policy is the most expensive insurance at € 147.95 per month.

There is also insurance whose premium has fallen a little bit: the Besured Wide Choice is almost 5 euros cheaper per year.

The cheapest health insurance is the ZEKUR in-kind (budget) policy;

this costs 105.95 euros per month.

With a kind (budget) policy you can also go to a limited number of care providers.

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Choosing a lesser known brand pays off

The big four health insurers in the Netherlands (Achmea, VGZ, CZ and Menzis) offer their health insurance under different brands.

There is a price difference between these well-known and less well-known brands.

This is caused, for example, because customer contact with a lesser-known brand takes place completely online.

That premium difference between those brands can increase significantly on an annual basis.

Example: a couple who switches from a basic insurance of a well-known brand to a lesser-known brand can save up to 389 euros.

The content of the basic insurance is determined by the government and is the same everywhere.

So you don't lose out on coverage.

Do you have a family?

Then next year you can spend hundreds of euros more expensive, without being better insured.

Do you also have additional insurance, for example for the dentist, or physiotherapy?

Then it concerns an even greater price increase.

Three tips to save extra on your health insurance premium

1. Look beyond your collective basic insurance

Almost two-thirds of the Netherlands is collectively insured, for example through the employer.

You will receive a maximum of 5 percent group discount on your basic insurance.

But insurers often only give group discounts on their more expensive basic insurance policies.

In most cases there is another health insurance that is cheaper, for example with a lesser known brand.

It is therefore a shame to spend years in a more expensive group health insurance while your coverage is the same with another less expensive brand.

2. Do you really need that additional insurance?

Try to approach this question rationally: do you have dental insurance, but only go for a check-up every year?

Then you spend more money on premium than if you were to pay for the checks yourself.

And after a number of years without dental insurance, you will easily have that hole that needs to be filled out.

Are you afraid that you will be surprised with an expensive treatment?

Then put the monthly premium amount in a savings account.

Always have money on hand for emergencies.

3. Pay in one go for an entire year

Do you have savings or a large budget?

Pay your premium for the whole year in one go.

Then you get a discount.

Often it is a few tens, but it is still a bonus.

This is especially interesting now that interest rates are extremely low.

Because the discount on your health insurance premium is probably higher than the interest on your savings account.

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