Dutch roads are dominated by cars in safe shapes and colors.

For the enthusiast who likes to color outside the lines, the online car market is a real goldmine.

There is no shortage of striking cars on the internet.

AutoScout24, the largest online portal for used and new cars in the Netherlands, has thousands of models that are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention.

A selection from the 225,000 counting offer.

1. Mini Cooper Convertible

Let's start small.

The Mini Cooper is the highly successful modern interpretation of an undisputed classic.

The first convertible version came onto the market in 2005, followed by a second generation in 2009. A second-hand Cooper Cabrio is not only very affordable, but also available in almost every possible color.

2. Volkswagen T1

Who doesn't turn their head when the well-known Volkswagen van drives by?

The Volkswagen T1 is an undisputed classic, designed by the Dutchman Ben Pon in 1947. His creation gained world fame as a 'hippie van' in the 1960s and still evokes images of carefree road trips.

There are quite a few T1s for sale online.

A feast for the eyes, but not cheap.

3. Tesla Model 3

It is now the best-selling electric car in the Netherlands (33,000 units), but the Model 3 still stands out.

Tesla's compact sedan is doing particularly well as a company car, but the American bestseller is also increasingly popular on the private market.

For now, the Model 3 has little competition, although the brand new Polestar 2 could well be very successful.

4. Nissan Figaro

Few people will ever see this car in real life.

An old-timer?

You would think that, but this


was produced in 1991.

With only 20,073 units produced, the exceptional Figaro is a real collector's item.

Small warning for those interested: the steering wheel is on the right.

On the other hand, the young timer is surprisingly affordable.

5. Opel GT

Do you want to get a striking old-timer for a reasonable price?

Look no further: the first generation Opel GT with pop-up headlights has it all.

It was produced between 1968 and 1973 and bears many similarities to the 1968 Chevrolet Corvette C3, another eye-catching sports car.

The second GT generation appeared on the market in 2007.

Fun fact: the new GT was designed by Franz von Holzhausen, the creative brain behind all Tesla models.

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