Typhoon No. 15 hits Chiba prefecture for 9 days 1 year Delay in restoration of houses, etc. 16:32 on September 8

Chiba Prefecture held a conference about the reconstruction situation and it was delayed in the restoration of homes, etc., one year after the direct hit of typhoon No. 15 that caused a great deal of damage to Chiba Prefecture and prolonged power outages and water interruptions. I confirmed the policy of urgent response so that I can finish it as soon as possible.

8 people were killed in the prefecture due to heat stroke due to a long-term power outage, and more than 81,000 homes were damaged, and it was one year after 9 days from Typhoon No. 15 Attended the meeting of the Recovery and Reconstruction Headquarters.

Most of the local governments carried out the disposal of disaster litter from temporary storage areas to treatment facilities, and they were working towards the completion of disposal at the end of March next year, and were criticized for having problems with the prefecture's disaster response. Then, it was reported about strengthening the system for sharing information with the municipalities and TEPCO.

On the other hand, 63% of the applications were for homes that were damaged by the typhoon and were repaired with the help of public funds, and 49% of the houses were for agriculture. I confirmed the urgent policy.

After Morita governor of the meeting, the recovery "is the order of the construction work has not yet been in the situation that still satisfied with Dattari Tebusoku person or concentrated in a specific skilled in the art for such. Housing

, but it is difficult to show the prospect that be completed forever , I want to work with the feeling that I will do it as soon as possible."