This weekend Max Verstappen can try again in Austria. After the debacle last Sunday, his car will be prepared again to secure a podium place.

Do you know how the second Formula 1 weekend will go for Max and the other drivers? Then get the thrill and play the GP game with family and friends.

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Max and Lewis often in the top three

Many people expected Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton to finish high in the first race in Austria. In the GP game, Max and Lewis were often included in the top three before the race.

Not a strange choice, but it has once again been shown how difficult it can be to predict Formula 1 results.

The cars in a row

For the coming weekend, the relationships on the grid have changed somewhat. Mercedes also has two strong cars this year with two drivers who have a chance of winning the World Cup.

The two Red Bull cars seemed to have a chance at a podium place last weekend, but have to wait for this. It is important for them to get the cars technically in order towards the coming weekend.

The Racing Point and McLaren cars have become stronger than last year and compete with good drivers. Ferrari, on the other hand, does not yet have the cars ready for the world championship. But given Leclerc's second place in the first race, nothing is impossible.

Win a prize

Some participants of the GP game have predicted the first Grand Prix in Austria very well. The numbers one and two from the GP game have both won four vouchers for the Kartfabrique.

Join the GP game now for a chance to win some crazy prizes. For predicting the second GP you have a chance to win tickets for The Official F1 Racing Center.

Play along with the GP game now