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More than half of the Dutch population do not have a carbon monoxide detector


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Carbon monoxide, also known as CO, is known as a silent killer. You don't see or smell it, but when you breathe it can have major consequences. To prevent poisoning, it is important that you have a good carbon monoxide detector at home. Nowadays there are many smart ones available, but it appears that more than half of all Dutch people have no detectors.

However, 92 percent of this group are aware that carbon monoxide poisoning is dangerous. This is apparent from research by price comparator

Much ignorance

Carbon monoxide poisoning is usually caused by combustion appliances in the home, such as (obsolete) stoves, geysers, central heating systems or combi boilers. These can be installed incorrectly, broken or malfunctioning.

There is a lot of ignorance about this: almost half of the Dutch cannot say exactly which sources in the house cause carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, 60 percent are unable to recognize the symptoms of poisoning.

When carbon monoxide enters your body, you almost immediately get sick. The symptoms resemble a starting flu: headache, nausea, dizziness, tiredness and vomiting. If you do not leave the room where the poisoning has occurred, you may faint and eventually lose consciousness. Every year about 10 to 15 people in the Netherlands die from carbon monoxide poisoning. Several hundred end up in the hospital. The Health Council reports this.

Prevent poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen to anyone. It is of vital importance that you do everything possible to limit the chance of poisoning. Therefore, make sure you have a (smart) carbon monoxide detector in your home, such as the Google Nest Protect V2. This is a smoke and carbon monoxide detector that thinks, speaks and sends notifications to your mobile. If something unusual is noticed at home, you will receive a warning. This can be smoke development, but also the release of carbon monoxide.

Because the detector regularly tests itself and gives a message on your telephone when the batteries are almost empty, you are always sure that it is safe in the house. Whether you are at home or out the door., the price comparison where you can find the Google Nest Protect V2 for the lowest price, had a test panel try out the smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector. What turned out to be? The Google Nest Protect V2 received a 9.2, making the detector the best tested product of January 2020.

Saving lives

It is therefore very important to be aware of the causes of carbon monoxide poisoning and its symptoms, and to have a (smart) carbon monoxide detector at home. Have a professional regularly look at your heater, geyser, central heating or combi boiler and check today if your detector is working properly if you have one, or get it home as soon as possible. A properly functioning carbon monoxide detector can save lives.

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