Like many others, have you agreed to take good care of yourself and live healthier this year? Then better sleep, adequate relaxation, healthier eating and regular exercise is a nice goal. This has a big effect on how well you feel.

From assignment to habit

To maintain all those goals in the long term, you have to change your lifestyle. Jan-Willem Evers, Director of Commerce at Zilveren Kruis, has the tip for this: "It has been scientifically proven that you can maintain a healthier life more easily when you take small steps. This makes it a habit rather than a task."

For example, are you going to compete with the pounds to feel better about yourself? Then focus on healthy eating and sufficient exercise. But denying yourself all sugars or being obliged to hang on the fitness equipment every day is not necessary at all.

Smart weight loss

Many people do this and tackle weight loss so wrong. They want too fast, set themselves big goals in a short time and are impatient. So choose not to lose weight quickly, but instead. Take advantage of the tips below, so that getting or staying at a healthy weight becomes easier. You will see that you too can maintain a healthy lifestyle for a long time in this way.

1. Exercise and healthy food
Adequate exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle, but exercising alone does not automatically make you slim. You only lose weight if you stay healthy or eat in addition to exercise. If you reward yourself extra with unhealthy snacks and snacks before or after exercise, losing weight can become difficult. It is good to take a protein snack immediately after exercise so that your muscles can recover. Take for example a bowl of cottage cheese with fruit, an egg or a cracker with chicken fillet.

2. Mindful food
When you eat behind your TV or laptop, you eat much more unnoticed than when you enjoy your food with attention. Make every meal a conscious matter and avoid overeating.

3. Be kind to yourself
You do not keep up with yourself all your life. Allow yourself a piece of chocolate or a bowl of chips at a fixed time, for example every Saturday evening. This way you can more easily master these desires during the week and this new lifestyle is easier to sustain.

Moreover, you can achieve a lot by working hard, but remember that every person is different and there are different body types. Eating healthy and exercising regularly is important, but self-acceptance is just as good. So be nice to yourself.

How good are you in your skin?

Do you want to make a habit of exercising regularly and eating healthily, but also of relaxing and sleeping well? Do the Check of Zilveren Kruis and discover how good you are in your skin and where there is room for improvement. This way you see what you can pay attention to and you get personal tips to get started with this in small steps.

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