The list of new films this week is short: the film version of the well-known musical Cats appears, as does the animation film Spionnengeheimen and a documentary about dementia. These are the three films that appear in the cinema during the first week of the Christmas holidays.

Spy secrets - animation

The confident super spy Lance Sterling protects the world against serious dangers. He does this with the help of the technical gadgets and gadgets of the shy inventor Walter. Walter lacks the social skills and confidence of Lance, but is very smart and resourceful. When an odd event suddenly turns Lance into a pigeon, Walter and Lance suddenly have to work together in a whole new way to save themselves and the world.

  • Genre: animation, family film
  • Director: Nick Bruno, Troy Quane
  • Voices: John Williams, Buddy Vedder, Défano Holwijn
  • Kijkwijzer: unknown
  • View here where the film is running


View the trailer of Spy Secrets here

Cats - musical

A film was made of the famous musical Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is one of the longest running musicals in the world. The film follows a group of cats, called the Jellicle Cats, who are preparing for a big ball. During this ball, one of them is chosen for a new, better life.

  • Genre: musical
  • Director: Tom Hooper, Lee Hall
  • Cast: James Corden, Judi Dench, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen
  • Kijkwijzer: unknown
  • View here where the film is running


View the Cats trailer here

Whey documentary

Ruud Lensen follows the informal care process of his own parents. His demented father Jac lives in a mini paradise in nature, with horses, chickens and a vegetable garden. The pasture and its animals give him guidance in a world that is becoming increasingly confusing to him. Mother Ria sees Jac's decline with dismay. Caring for her husband is becoming more demanding and Ria has to give up more and more of her own life.

  • Genre: documentary
  • Director: Ruud Lenssen
  • Kijkwijzer: all ages
  • View here where the film is running

The films mentioned in the overview will be shown in Dutch cinemas from 26 December. View here the overview of films released last week.

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