During the cold winter months, temporary ice rinks appear in many places on the village squares and in the city centers. NU.nl makes an overview of ice rinks that have been given their own twist.

Ice * Amsterdam

The Ice * Amsterdam ice rink is right opposite the Rijksmuseum. Here you skate under a replica of the Magere Brug, filled with Christmas lights. A silent disco is organized three times a week and you can also follow curling or an ice sculpting workshop. Next to the ice rink is a large winter pavilion where you can relax with a bowl of pea soup or cheese fondue.

  • Where: Museumplein, Amsterdam
  • When: open until 2 February
  • Price: 6.00 euro entrance fee, 6.50 euro for skate rental
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The skating rink with replica of the Skinny Bridge. (Photo: Pro Shots)

The Groningen Winter Festival

At the Groningen ice rink you can not only skate, but also après-ski every week on the heated terrace. During the day you can get hot chocolate, poffertjes, oliebollen, mulled wine or a bratwurst sandwich here. On nice days you can catch some rays of winter sun in the sun loungers. In addition to skating, you can also curl on the ice rink.

  • Where: Grote Markt, Groningen
  • When: open until 5 January
  • Price: 7.00 euro entrance fee, skate rental included
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The ice rink on the Grote Markt in Groningen. (Photo: Bodyl van Dorland)

Skating rink for the Kurhaus - Scheveningen

In the winter months there is a large ice rink right in front of the stately Kurhaus. There are heated terraces and restaurants with winter snacks and drinks around Kurhausplein. From December 7 there will also be an ice sculpture exhibition on the beach. Dress warmly when you visit, because in this tent it is -15 degrees.

  • Where: Kurhausplein, Scheveningen
  • When: open until 26 January
  • Price: 10 euro entrance fee, skate rental included
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The ice rink on Kurhausplein. (Photo: Cool Event Scheveningen)

Ice rink Middelburg

In Middelburg, in addition to the regular ice rink, there will also be a covered 'scribble track'. This is a separate job where young children can take their first steps on the ice. Events are organized on and around the ice rink, such as a performance by Danny Vera, night skating on Christmas Eve and a big sing-a-long party with New Year's Eve.

  • Where: Markt, Middelburg
  • When: open until 19 January
  • Price: 8 euros, skate rental included
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The ice rink in front of the town hall in Middelburg. (Photo: Zeeland Loves Ice Skating)

Winter paradise Amersfoort

On the ice rink on the Eemplein in Amersfoort you can skate, curl and ice hockey. In addition, special events are organized, such as a speed date evening. Because the Amersfoort Ice Cream Association is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, children can skate for free on Sunday 1 December.

  • Where: Eemplein, Amersfoort
  • When: open until 5 January
  • Price: 6.50 euros, skate rental included
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The ice rink in Amersfoort. (Photo: Bram Oosterhuis)

Nostalgic ice rink - Maastricht Christmas market

In Maastricht, every winter is unpacked considerably around the holidays. The ice rink on the Vrijthof is no less than 1000 square meters in size. The track is completely covered so that you can skate in all weather conditions. Around the ice rink there are cafes and lounges from where you can watch the audience go by. Combine a round of skating with a stroll around the Christmas market.

  • Where: Vrijthof, Maastricht
  • When: November 29 to December 31
  • Price: 5 euro entrance fee, 5 euro for skate rental
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Skating rink Rotterdam

No fewer than three ice rinks are rising in Rotterdam: a 400-meter rink, a fun rink and a curling rink. In the 400-meter track you skate under a tunnel with all kinds of cheerful colors. When it freezes outside, the sides of the tunnel open so that you experience better that you are skating outside. The fun track is suitable for figure skaters and starting skaters and on the curling rink you throw away the stones of your opponent.

  • Where: Sportpark Toepad, Toepad 95, Rotterdam
  • When: November 30 to February 29
  • Price: 6.75 euros entrance fee, skate rental 6 to 7 euros
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The colorful 400-meter track in Rotterdam. (Photo: Ice rink Rotterdam)

GABA Ice Rink - Pigeons

In Duiven there are three temporary ice rinks, both indoor and outdoor, next to the town hall. The ice rink is mainly known for the large curling competition. No fewer than 110 recreational curling teams can participate. In addition, there are lounge benches and standing tables in the middle of the ice, so you don't have to take your skates off first if you want to sit down.

  • Where: next to the town hall, Kastanjelaan, Duiven
  • When: December 6 to January 5
  • Price: 3 euros per hour, skate rental 2 euros
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Floating Ice Rink - Leiden

In Leiden the annual ice rink always floats on the Nieuwe Rijn, in the middle of the old center. Family skating is available on weekends. Then children can be painted and Olaf van Frozen comes to visit. From December 13 there is also a floating Christmas market in the canal, which you can walk to from the ice rink.

  • Where: Nieuwe Rijn, Leiden
  • When: December 7 to January 5
  • Price: 8.50 euros, skate rental included
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The floating ice rink in Leiden. (Photo: Leiden Marketing)

Happy Holidays Ice Rink - Eindhoven

The ice rink in Eindhoven has the twist that a 'skateway' has also been constructed. That is a special strip of ice with differences in height and curves to make skating extra challenging. The wrong Christmas sweater evening is on Thursday evening. Please note: the ice rink is only accessible with ice hockey skates or figure skates. Norwegians or clap skates are allowed.

  • Where: Markt, Eindhoven
  • When: December 14 to January 5
  • Price: 6 euros, skate rental included
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The skating rink in Eindhoven. (Photo: Nick Bookelaar)

Playground in the Spoorwegmusem - Utrecht

The Railway Museum changes every winter in the Winterstation. Then there is an antique carousel, you can roast marsmallows above a fire pit and there will also be a skating rink in the middle of the steam trains. The museum is full of illuminated Christmas trees and is full of lights.

  • Where: Railway Museum, Maliebaan Station 16, Utrecht
  • When: December 16 to January 5
  • Price: 17.50 euros, skate rental included
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The ice rink in the Railway Museum. (Photo: Railway Museum)


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