The addition rules for the electric car may change in the coming years, but there are absolute benefits. In the form of the exemption from BPM and MRB for example. The lower mileage costs and good residual value also argue in favor of electric driving. And for those who can charge the car at home, driving is extra cheap, especially if there are solar panels on the roof.

Virtually no one will have missed the fact that, from a tax perspective, a number of things will change in the coming years. On the one hand, the government wants to stimulate the ownership of the electric car, on the other hand, a solution is being sought to close the financial gap that this entails.

Because the electric car brings much less tax money to the treasury. Still, there is still plenty to gain for consumers and business drivers and the electric car remains the best choice, also for the environment.

No BPM until 2025

The tax addition will go to 8 percent in 2020, up to a list price of a maximum of 45,000 euros, everything above that is 22 percent. This is not relevant for the private driver. The exemption from BPM (the purchase tax on cars) until 2025 is.

That saves a lot of money and makes the electric car considerably cheaper, even though the purchase prices are currently still higher than those of a conventional car. That will soon change. From 2025 a fixed BPM rate of 360 euros applies to each car.

Purchase subsidy

Great, all those benefits for business drivers, but what do you buy for that as a private individual? Well, an electric car with a purchase subsidy. The government is currently considering the level of the subsidy, but it is certain that something similar will happen.

Then the purchase price suddenly comes very close to that of a car with a combustion engine. Add to that the lower maintenance costs, the exemption from MRB (motor vehicle tax) plus the fact that you never have to refuel again and the calculation becomes very simple.

Affordable models as the start of the E-volution

Volkswagen is currently fully committed to electric mobility. The brand speaks of an E-volution. New models, new technology and lower prices thanks to the large scale. The new Volkswagen ID.3 will be launched next year. A car in the Golf class, with a purchase price at that level.

Earlier, in addition to the current e-Golf, the renewed e-up !, with a greatly enlarged range and technology for fast loading. The e-up! is one of the cheapest electric cars on the market. Nothing stands in the way of an emission-free future, 2020 will be the start of a new era for Volkswagen. That of the quiet, clean and especially affordable electric car.

Wondering if you can move forward with 1`0 euro electricity or 10 euro gasoline? View the outcome below:


Volkswagen Opposites - Electricity vs gas

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