Removal and disposal of disaster waste Target to be completed within two years 19:47 on November 20, Nagano Prefecture

On the 20th, Nagano Prefecture has compiled a basic policy regarding the disaster waste caused by Typhoon No. 19 with the goal of completing all removal and disposal within two years.

On the 20th, Nagano Prefecture compiled a basic policy on the treatment of a large amount of disaster waste by Typhoon No. 19 and presented it to the disaster response headquarters meeting of the prefecture.

In this, it is said that approximately 200,000 tons of disaster waste from Typhoon No. 19 is expected in the prefecture. About this, prefecture is near house and aims to finish carrying out disaster waste that we are anxious about influence on daily life in the middle.

Based on this, the goal is to complete the removal and disposal of all waste within two years. Toward this goal, we will promote waste disposal in a wide area using municipalities in and outside the prefecture and private waste disposal facilities.

According to Nagano Prefecture, nine organizations in the prefecture have announced that they can accept disaster waste. Regarding disaster waste caused by typhoons, private companies in Toyama Prefecture have already started accepting waste from Nagano City, and private companies from Mie Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture have already started accepting waste from Chikuma City.

The Prefectural Resources Recycling Promotion Division says, “I want to support municipalities so that disaster waste can be processed smoothly and people who have been damaged can return to their daily lives as soon as possible.”