Do you want to create more awareness and visibility for your brand? And do you have big marketing plans for the coming year? Online marketing is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up with the new trends. Below you will find an overview of the most important marketing trends for 2020.

1. Email marketing

The National E-mail Survey of Spotler indicates that the number of people who read the e-mail on their phone is increasing compared to previous years. The 2019 survey showed that more than half of Dutch people read his or her e-mails on a smartphone. In addition, 88 percent of the Dutch have registered for one or more newsletters in the past year and 73 percent of these people actually consume as a result of such an email.

So it can be very useful to use marketing for your brand via e-mail. When you send your newsletter or e-mail, make sure it is legible on a smartphone. It is also important to mention a clear action in your mail, because people actually make purchases from it.

2. Interaction with the customer

The annual survey by Zendesk, a software company based in America, shows that for 84 percent of consumers, experience with a company plays a role in their purchasing decision. For example, people do not want to have to wait long for an answer if they have a complaint, but expect a response almost immediately. Brands respond to this by chats, both live chats and chats with automatic responses.

So make sure with your brand that the interaction with your customers is good. For example, respond quickly to questions and feedback and make sure you have a chat function where customers end up easily. This way you create commitment and trust in your brand.

3. Efficiency of your advertisement

In addition, the technology of today means that there are more and more self-service environments. With regard to marketing, you can make an advertisement more efficient through self-service options. For example, you can create your own advertisement and target it at a target group or location that is relevant to your brand. This allows you to use your advertisement in a targeted manner with potential customers.


Do you want to create more visibility for your brand? Create and manage your own ad on the advertising tool and determine the location where your ad can be seen.