Typhoon and heavy rain this fall More than 100 victims nationwide on November 12, 16:57

In the NHK summary, last month's Typhoon No.19 and subsequent record heavy rain, and September Typhoon No.15 killed 105 people nationwide this fall.

Typhoon 19 died 91 people

Of these, 91 were the victims of Typhoon No. 19.
▽ 31 people in Fukushima
▽ 19 people in Miyagi Prefecture
▽ 15 people in Kanagawa Prefecture,
▽ 5 people in Nagano Prefecture,
▽ 4 people each in Tochigi and Gunma
▽ Three people each in Saitama and Shizuoka
▽ Two people each in Iwate and Ibaraki
▽ One person died each in Tokyo, Chiba and Hyogo.

Also ▽ two people in Kanagawa Prefecture,
▽ A total of four people are missing in Miyagi and Ibaraki prefectures.

Heavy rain in late October 13 deaths

Furthermore, it was a record heavy rain late last month,
▽ 11 people in Chiba
▽ A total of 13 people died in Fukushima Prefecture.

Typhoon No. 15 killed

In September, a large blackout occurred in Chiba Prefecture, and Typhoon No. 15 was killed in Tokyo due to strong winds.

Housing damage 1.6 times the heavy rain in western Japan

Houses damaged by typhoon No. 19 and subsequent heavy rains exceeded the damage caused by the heavy rains of West Japan last year, more than 30,000 houses, how to rebuild the lives of the victims in the widespread damage The issue is whether to proceed.

Typhoon No. 19 and subsequent heavy rains caused flooding of rivers in various places. According to the summary of the Fire Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, as of 7:00 am on the 12th, 80,341 houses in 31 prefectures were flooded, partially destroyed, or partially damaged. Was damaged.

51,110 homes were damaged by the heavy rain in western Japan last July, and the damage caused by typhoon 19 exceeded this by more than 30,000, about 1.6 times.

Amid the widespread damage to houses, the issue is how to rebuild the lives of the victims.