This article is from Story. This season Victoria Koblenko is in the play "My husband doesn't understand me." For that, the actress can draw on her private life. Marital problems with former professional soccer player Lev almost drove her into the arms of another man almost forever.

Together with actresses Tanja Jess and Anouk Maas, Victoria Koblenko (38) is in theaters with My husband does not understand me , in which all kinds of problems between men and women are discussed. The play is called 'a feel-good comedy full of hilarious situations' and there are also countless recognizable incidents for Victoria. Although the actress also experienced events in her personal life that did not exactly make people laugh.

In 2004 Victoria married football player Evgeniy Levchenko (41), but there was no question of a happy marriage. Four years after their yes, the two therefore timed out. "Our relationship was just not good in the 1.0 version," says Victoria in Flair. "You can be very passionate and loving towards each other, but if it's just explosive, it's exhausting. We had a wish for children, but we couldn't have a baby like that."

"I had a different relationship, a man I almost married"

"We did not separate because we no longer loved each other, but the way we dealt with each other, and I mean the daily routine, it just didn't work." Victoria says in the interview that during their relationship break she was not afraid that she and Lev would grow apart. "While that did happen. But somehow I had resigned myself to it."

A reconciliation no longer seemed. In fact, Victoria had already embarked on a new love adventure. "I had a different relationship, a man I almost married - but it turned out not to be him. But apparently I needed that distance to Lev. When I almost got married, I couldn't have imagined that Lev and I and when Lev and I were back, I couldn't imagine I was almost married. What does life want to teach you, isn't it? These are weird lessons. If I could choose, I'd have all those want to miss the lessons and the hassle. Because it has also been very sad and painful. "

Relationship Secret

But that time is now far behind Viktoria and Lev, who married again in 2015. And in the summer of 2016 their renewed happiness was crowned with the birth of son Kiy (3). Victoria is overjoyed that she has managed to pick up the love thread with Lev again. Looking back on the difficult years they have had, she tells in Flair that she has learned a lot from it. "When we parted, I thought it was only Lev who had to learn many things. But it was something of us together that we had to change together."

Victoria wants nothing more than to maintain her marriage to Lev, because: "It makes me happy to be with and with my family." But she also says she needs time for herself. going on vacation is the secret of a good relationship. In Flair, Victoria emphasizes once again that it is important to continue to do things independently of each other. "We let each other free to also develop our own lives."

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