Shurijo Castle security guard "I thought it was a suspicious intrusion, not a fire" November 7, 19:16

A guard who first rushed to the scene due to the fire at Shuri Castle understood that the reaction of the sensor that senses heat was rushing to the scene thinking that it was an intrusion of a suspicious person rather than a fire, by interviewing the people concerned It was. Sensors that react to smoke such as fire are not on the first floor of the fire source, and experts point out that incomplete fire extinguishing systems led to the spread of fire.

In the fire that occurred in Shuri Castle, at 2:30 am on the day of the day, a sensor that senses the heat attached to the first floor of the main hall reacts, and a security guard rushes to the scene. Confirmed the smoke.

According to the officials, the security guard told me about the situation at that time, "I thought something was invading from the outside, not a fire," and thought that the sensor had reacted with the heat of the intruder, etc., did not take the fire extinguisher. about it.

The three-story main hall has sensors on each floor, but there is no sensor that reacts to smoke on the first floor of the fire.

Director Hiroaki Suzuki of the Association of Fire Protection Engineers said, “Smoke comes out a lot from the beginning of the fire, when the temperature of the flame is low. If a sensor that detects smoke was installed on each floor, it was discovered earlier and could be extinguished earlier” He points out that the lack of fire extinguishing system led to the spread of fire.