Hakone damaged by typhoon Supply of hot springs to accommodations Recovery little by little November 7 19:10

Due to the impact of Typhoon No. 19, in Hakone Town, Kanagawa Prefecture, the hot spring supply facilities were broken and hot spring supply to nearly 40% of the inns was stopped. I found that it was reduced to about 20%.

In Hakone, where the typhoon No. 19 has reached 1000 mm of rainfall, some of the facilities and piping of the hot spring supply company have broken down in Owakudani, etc. of Hakone, and among the 265 hotels and inns in the town, etc. Nearly 40% of the 99 hot springs were stopped.

According to the Hakone Town Tourism Association, the three hot spring supply companies affected by the disaster are proceeding with restoration work in the direction of resuming in November, and as a result of the work so far, 42 houses can now be supplied. The fact that the supply has stopped is that it has decreased to 57, about 20% of the total.

Among them, the hotel “Hakone Gora Onsen Raku Rana Hana” in Gora, Hakone has been re-supplied from Owakudani on the 5th, and hot springs with a temperature of less than 60 degrees centigrade can now be provided in the public bath. .

“I'm very happy that the hot springs have been reopened. I want to make sure that the restoration is progressing and make sure I can come to Hakone with confidence.”