Tohoku Kanto Koshin Tokai Rainfall in October is about 3 times the normal season.

In Tohoku, Kanto Koshin, and Tokai, where typhoons and cyclones are approaching one after another, the rainfall of one month last month was around three times that of October of the normal year. understood.

According to the summary of the Japan Meteorological Agency, heavy rains occurred in various parts of eastern Japan and northern Japan last month due to the approach of Typhoon No. 19, and the amount of rain that fell in Hakone Town, Kanagawa Prefecture in 24 hours was 922.5 millimeters, the highest value in the history of observation in Japan. Was recorded.

In addition, heavy rains occurred in Kanto and Tohoku on the 25th of last month due to low pressure. Last month, rain increased due to successive typhoons and low pressures. Monthly rainfall has been the highest in observation history.

Comparing the rainfall for the month of last month and October of the normal year by region,
▽ The rainfall in Tohoku last month was 2.93 times the normal, the highest ever,
▽ In Kanto Koshin, it is 3.04 times the normal year, the second most so far,
▽ Tokai was 2.76 times the average year, the third largest so far, and it was a record heavy rain.

On the other hand, the temperature has increased in each region because it has become easier for warm and humid air to enter.
▽ 1.5 degrees in northern Japan,
▽ East in Japan, 2.1 degrees, the largest in observation history.