Kindergarten flooded by typhoon Re-flooded in heavy rain and closed Fukushima Iwaki Oct. 27 12:05

At the kindergarten in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, which was damaged by the heavy rain of Typhoon No. 19, the restoration work was finally completed and the park was closed for the second time in a record heavy rain on the 25th. I was in a hurry to recover.

In “Sakae Kindergarten” in Iwaki city, the new river flowing nearby was flooded by the heavy rain caused by Typhoon No.19 and flooded up to about 60 cm above the floor, so it was disinfected and resumed on the 21st of this month.

However, on the 25th, just 5 days after the restart, the kindergarten was closed for the second time because it was submerged in record heavy rain and submerged to about 15 cm above the floor.

On the 27th, about 40 people from the kindergarten and their parents gathered from the morning, and they were busy with scavenging mud and disinfecting the floor. The kindergarten is aiming to resume on the 5th of next month, and during that time, we will consider having the children temporarily stored at a nearby nursery school.

The mother who the daughter is attending said, “I'm just shocked because I just started again. I want to get over to get back to a fun kindergarten.”

Sadae Kindergarten President Yoshida Motochi said, “I can't secure a place where children can cry and laugh and grow up. Many people came to help me, so I made a kindergarten where children could laugh again. I want to go. "