Typhoon effect Hokuriku Shinkansen resumes operation on all lines for the first time in 13 days October 25, 12:18

The Hokuriku Shinkansen, which had been suspended for some sections due to Typhoon No. 19, resumed operation on all lines between Tokyo and Kanazawa for the first time on the 25th and 13th.

The Hokuriku Shinkansen was unable to drive between Nagano Station and Joetsu Myoko Station in Niigata Prefecture due to the flooding of the Nagano Shinkansen Vehicle Center.

JR East has resumed operations and confirmed safety, and resumed operation on the entire line for the first time on the 25th and 13th. It was crowded with businessmen heading for Hokuriku from Tokyo in the morning.

A man who headed for Toyama at work said, “It took me about 6 hours when I went on a business trip last week, and I felt that it was so different.

In addition, a man who came to Tokyo from Kanazawa on the first train, said, “Today's business trip wasn't in time for work without the Shinkansen.

For the time being, the Hokuriku Shinkansen will be able to secure approximately 90% of the normal total of the upper and lower lines, but JR East says that it wants to return to the normal schedule as soon as possible.

Nagano station

On the morning of the 25th, at the JR Nagano Station platform, people who were heading for Kanazawa, where driving resumed, boarded the Shinkansen.

A woman in her 60s who visits Kanazawa for sightseeing said, “I was always worried that I might not be able to travel as planned, but I was finally relieved.”

In addition, at the ticket gate of the Shinkansen, approximately 20 tourists from the prefecture and other tourists from the prefecture greeted passengers, and the tourist pamphlet was handed out while saying, “Nagano Prefecture is doing its best”. It was.

Junko Yumoto, a mountain ryokan in Yamanouchi, said, “Since 80% of reservations have been canceled for about a week after the disaster, it is really appreciated that we can resume driving. I want many people to visit Nagano.” It was.

On the other hand, the number of Hokuriku Shinkansen trains has been reduced to approximately 90% so far, with 11 vehicles decreasing from Asama connecting Tokyo Station and Nagano Station due to the lack of vehicles. I want to make it possible to drive. "

Toyama Station People with big bags get on one after another

Around 8 am at Toyama Station, “Kagayaki” heading to Tokyo arrived at the platform, and people with big bags got in one after another.

At the ticket gate, the staff from the prefecture and Toyama City, and the mascot character “Kitoki-kun” from the prefecture greeted people who arrived by train from Tokyo.

According to JR East, the number of daily operations on the Hokuriku Shinkansen after resumption has been reduced by 14 on the top and bottom lines because the vehicle was damaged by the inundation of the vehicle center.

A 48-year-old man in Toyama City, heading for a business trip to Tokyo, said, “The reservation was made smoothly, so I didn't feel the impact of the reduction in the number of trains. The Hokuriku Shinkansen is Toyama's lifeline. I was talking.