Typhoon No. 19 Railway Line Operation Status and Resumption Expectation (As of 24th) October 24, 16:01

The latest railway operation status and outlook as of the 24th.


The Hokuriku Shinkansen, which had been in continuous operation, will resume direct operation on all lines from Tokyo to Kanazawa from the 25th.

JR conventional line

The prospect of resuming operation is
▽ Tohoku Main Line is 29th of this month,
▽ Hachinohe Line running in Aomori and Iwate Prefectures resumes in about two months,
▽ The Banetsu East Line running through Fukushima Prefecture is in the middle of next month.
▽ Romoge line running in Tochigi and Gunma prefectures resumes in about a month,
▽ Reopening in about one month, the Yataka Line connecting Tokyo Tama area and Gunma Prefecture
▽ Iiyama Line running in Nagano Prefecture etc. on the 26th
▽ The Koumi Line expects the beginning of next month.

▽ Mizugun Line running through Ibaraki and Fukushima Prefectures
▽ Agatsuma Line which runs the Gunma Prefecture does not currently also standing prospect of resumption.

Private railway

▽ Tobu Railway's Sano Line and Nikko Line resumed driving on all lines in the morning of the 24th.

▽ Sanriku Railway Rias Line running in Iwate Prefecture,
▽ Abukuma Express Line that runs in Fukushima Prefecture, etc.
▽ Hakone Tozan train running in Kanagawa Prefecture,
▽ Shinano Railway Line running in Nagano Prefecture,
▽ Ueda Electric Railway Bessho Line is the prospect of resuming operation in the whole line does not stand still.