Southern part of Chiba Prefecture Rainy leak mold growth in the house Volunteer removal work October 19 18:32

In southern Chiba Prefecture, where many houses were damaged by Typhoon No. 15 and No. 19, there are more houses where mold grows inside due to rain leaks, and there are concerns about health damage, and volunteers are working on removing mold .

In southern Chiba Prefecture, where many houses were damaged by Typhoon No. 15 last week, in addition to Typhoon No. 15 last month, mold breeding spreads in leaking houses and there are concerns about the health damage of residents due to spores It has been.

Under such circumstances, volunteer groups in Tokyo have joined and are continuing activities to remove mold. On the 19th, a pharmacist participating in the activity worked at a house in Konancho, sprayed alcohol on the ceiling, wiped off with kitchen paper, and then disinfected with a disinfectant solution that has the effect of preventing mold generation. Benzalkonium "was blowing.

According to the organization, when removing mold, it is important to open a window to avoid sucking spores to improve ventilation and to wear a mask.
Hiroyuki Kameda, a volunteer group, said, “Since it gets harder to remove over time, I want you to take precautions by spraying disinfectant before mold grows.”

Expert "Elderly people can be life-threatening"

Professor Katsuhiko Kamei of Chiba University, who is familiar with mold-related health hazards, said, “Moulds that breed in houses in disaster-stricken areas have a strong potential to cause infections. Continuing inhalation can lead to chronic pneumonia, mold pneumonia is difficult to cure and difficult to cure, and can be life-threatening. If you have help and can't get rid of it, you should consider moving your home. "