Relief supplies from Asamachi, Hokkaido, damaged by earthquake in Marumori, Miyagi October 19, 18:34

On March 19th, support goods were delivered to Marumori Town, Miyagi Prefecture, where the typhoon No. 19 was heavily damaged, from Atsuma Town, Hokkaido, which was severely damaged by the earthquake last year.

The relief supplies were delivered to Atsuma Town, which was greatly damaged by the Eastern Iburi Earthquake in September of last year. Approximately 2000 items, including emergency food and scoops for scraping mud, were sent to the Disaster Volunteer Center in Marumori Town. It was delivered.

When trucks carrying support supplies arrived, the staff of Atsuma Town and the disaster volunteer center staff were carrying the supplies one after another into the center.

Makoto Yamanoshita, leader of the Atsuma Town Social Welfare Council, who delivered the goods, said, “When I think about the earthquake that we experienced last year, the damage caused by this typhoon is not thought of as a whole, something useful. I thought that I could do it, so I decided to deliver support supplies, which are just a few supplies that can be loaded on a 2-ton truck, but I would be glad if they were useful. "

According to the Marumori-machi Disaster Volunteer Center, goods arrived from Atsushin-cho on 19th, as well as Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture, which was damaged by the heavy rains in West Japan last year.