Hokuriku Shinkansen effect of discontinuation Canceled one after another at a hotel in Kanazawa 16:50 on October 16

As the Hokuriku Shinkansen has forgotten direct operation between Kanazawa and Tokyo, hotel reservations in Kanazawa City have been cancelled one after another, and people concerned are calling for an early recovery.

According to a hotel in Kanazawa, the 64 consecutive rooms until the 14th of this month were all 64 rooms full, but 60 room reservations were canceled due to the approach of Typhoon # 19. is.

In addition, due to the influence of the Hokuriku Shinkansen for direct operation between Kanazawa and Tokyo, cancellations are received at a pace of 20 cases per day, and cancellation of accommodation reservations from 12th to 22nd this month, That means 120 cases in total.

According to the hotel, the fact that boarding the Hokuriku Shinkansen itself is one of the purposes of the trip is that there is no stopping the reservation cancellation.

Ichiro Hongo, manager of “Kanazawa Sai no Niwa Hotel” said, “There was a World Cup of Rugby, and the number of guests increased, especially with foreign tourists. I want you to recover as soon as possible because it is Hokuriku sightseeing with the Shinkansen. "