National Governor's Association Support for rebuilding lives

The National Governor's Association requested that the country quickly search for missing persons and secure a budget, saying that damages caused by typhoons were occurring in various places.

On the 16th, Governor Iizumi and others from Tokushima Prefecture, who served as the president of the National Governor's Association, visited the Vice Minister of the Hei Cabinet Office and handed over the request.

Among them, the damage caused by typhoon No. 15 and this typhoon No. 19 in the last month has been reported, so it is necessary to quickly find missing persons, secure a budget for disaster recovery projects, etc., and support the reconstruction of victims' lives. And requested measures to prevent recurrence of rivers where the bank was destroyed.

After the request, Governor Iizumi said, “The search for missing persons was given top priority. We would like to seek financial and technical support, and recovery that would not cause a disaster again.”