Turkey: Not responding to requested operations such as the US

While the Turkish army that invaded northern Syria is taking control of towns and villages around the border, the Assad administration's troops are cooperating with the Kurdish forces to expand into multiple northern towns. It has become. Turkey does not show the attitude to the cancellation of the operation that the United States demands, and there is no prospect of overcoming the situation.

The Turkish army continued its military operations against hostile Kurdish forces invading northern Syria, and by the 15th, almost controlled the border towns of Tel Aviad and Ras Al Ain.

In contrast, Kurdish forces have agreed to cooperate with the Syrian Assad regime, and the Assad regime has been deployed in several northern towns and is now embracing the Turkish army.

On the other hand, President Trump of the United States clarified the policy to impose economic sanctions against Turkey and demanded immediate stop of the operation, but the Turkish army continued to bombard the Kurdish forces on the 15th, The attitude to respond to the cancellation is not shown.

According to OCHA, the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, there are at least 160,000 displaced people in northern Syria and the humanitarian crisis is deepening, but there is no prospect of a breakthrough.

China asks Turkey to stop military operations

China ’s foreign ministry spokesman said at a press conference on the 15th that China ’s continued military operations in northern Syria: “China is consistently opposed to the use of force. He urged Turkey to stop its military operations, ”calling on Turkey to stop military action, resolve politically, and return to the right path.

On top of that, "These military actions could spread terrorists from Syria and lead to the extremist organization IS = Islamic State reviving. Turkey, together with the international community, encourages it to fight terrorism." It was.