Exhibitors' trade talks with Chinese exporters Voice of considering production transfer due to US-China trade friction 18:45 on October 15

The largest exhibition and business talk meeting for exporting companies in China started in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, and the participating companies heard that they are considering moving production to Southeast Asia etc. due to trade friction with the United States It was.

China's largest exhibition and business meeting started in Guangzhou in the south from the 15th, with more than 25,000 exhibitors, including companies that export home appliances and machine tools.

According to Chinese customs authorities, the amount of trade with the US last month was 21% lower than the same month last year. It is.

For this reason, there were voices from participating companies that they are considering moving production to Southeast Asia.

Among these, Zhejiang beauty equipment manufacturers accounted for 30% of sales to the United States, so profits decreased due to the increase in tariffs. There is no tariff effect, so we plan to produce and ship in Vietnam next year. "

At the venue, there are also cases of enthusiastic sales to buyers in regions other than the United States, such as Europe and Africa, and Chinese companies are being forced to respond to trade friction with the United States.