Volleyball Men's World Cup Japan defeated in Brazil and confirmed 4th place October 14th 23:51

In the 10th round of the volleyball men's World Cup held in Hiroshima, Japan lost to Brazil with a set count of 1 to 3, and the 4th place of the tournament was confirmed.

Japan, ranked 11th in the world ranking, won the gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in the 10th round held on the 14th, and played against Brazil, the world's top powerhouse.

Japan suffered the first set, Brazil's quick attack and sharp spikes taking advantage of its height, and was deprived 17-25.

In the second set, Japan will persistently pick up the ball, and Ace Yuki Ishikawa will make a strong back attack. Points will be scored 26-24 and Brazil will be the first in 12 years since 2007 I took a set.

The third set was once again paced by Brazil and dropped 14 to 25, and the fourth set was brought to the competition where Ishikawa took away consecutive points with spikes and blocks. I lost it and lost with a set count of 1: 3.

As a result, Japan's overall results were 7 wins and 3 losses, and the 4th place of this tournament was confirmed.

Japan will face Canada 6th in the world on the 15th.