Kanagawa Hakone Town Ashinoko The water level does not drop and the impact on tourism is also affected on October 14 at 18:33

Lake Ashinoko, a tourist destination in Hakone-machi, Kanagawa Prefecture, has started to have an impact on tourism, such as the fact that the water level of the lake continues to be high due to the influence of Typhoon No. 19, and sightseeing boats can no longer be operated.

Lake Ashino, a tourist destination in Hakone, Hakone, has been flooded by heavy typhoon and rained for 14 days, so the water level of the lake continues to be high, and roads and parking lots are still flooded. .

The Hakone Pirate Ship, which operates a large excursion boat on Lake Ashino, was damaged by the flooding of the floor of the station building at the landing station, although the ship was not damaged.

The operating company has forgotten the pleasure boat operation because it cannot secure the safety of the user as it is, and wants to resume the operation as soon as the water level drops.

“The floating pier is so high that it becomes a steep hill and it is not possible to board safely. The first thing is that the water level drops quickly because we are considering safety first.” But I want to recover quickly. "

On the other hand, in Hakone, the main national and prefectural roads that connect the city are closed for landslides on the 14th, and tourism and trains and buses continue to be suspended. The

A woman in her 70s who runs a restaurant on the shores of Lake Ashinoko said, “Although there was no damage, there were about 10 customers in these three days. I want tourist boats and buses to resume and return to Hakone as soon as possible. "