Power outage summary (6 pm) “If the water breaks, turn off the breaker” Oct. 13 19:06

Due to Typhoon No. 19, power outages continue in over 100,000 units in the Tokyo metropolitan area. TEPCO has called for caution not to use breakers or use electrical appliances that have come into contact with water, as there is a risk of electrical leakage if the building is submerged.

According to TEPCO, power transmission facilities were damaged by strong winds and heavy rains, and in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Shizuoka Prefecture, power outages continued at approximately 101,100 units at 6 pm on the 13th.

Of these, in Chiba Prefecture, where a large-scale blackout lasted due to Typhoon No. 15 last month, 69,800 units in Minamiboso City and Ichihara City, and 14,800 units in Kanagawa Prefecture including Kawasaki City and Yokosuka City. It is.

In addition, power outages continued at 8000 in Shizuoka, 2100 each in Tokyo and Gunma, 2000 in Saitama, 1300 in Ibaraki, 600 in Tochigi, and 300 in Yamanashi. The Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry dispatches power supply cars to hospitals and shelters where requested.

TEPCO has called off the use of electrical appliances that have been submerged in water, as well as turning off the circuit breaker, as there is a risk of electrical leakage if the building is flooded.

Also, if you find a wire that has been cut off due to a strong wind, etc., there is a risk of electric shock, so you should contact the TEPCO Customer Center without approaching or touching it.

The phone number is toll-free 0120-995-007, and toll-free phone is 03-6375-9803, which means that it is accepted for 24 hours.

In Nagano Prefecture, more than 45,000 homes are out of power

In Nagano Prefecture, as of 6:00 pm, over 45,000 households were out of power, mainly in the northern and eastern parts of the prefecture. Chubu Electric Power, which has jurisdiction, is in a hurry to confirm the damage situation, and wants to clarify the outlook for recovery within 13 days.

Due to the typhoon, Chubu Electric Power had a power outage over a wide range from the night of the 12th, and at the peak of about 1am on the 13th, there were about 65,230 power outages in Nagano, Shizuoka and Mie. Did.

Of these, in Nagano Prefecture, about 45,460 households were out of power in 40 municipalities as of 6:00 pm, with approximately 11,430 households in Karuizawa, 7620 households in Nagano City, and 4710 households in Chino City. Approx. 4440 in Saku City, 3340 in Ueda City, 2620 in Shinano Town, 2370 in Sakuho Town, 2110 in Miyota Town, 1360 in Iizuna Town, 1290 in Komoro Etc.

Chubu Electric Power has dispatched personnel for restoration to Nagano Prefecture, urgently checking the damage status of fallen power poles and broken wires, etc., and wants to clarify the recovery time outlook within 13 days .

Chubu Electric Power is calling attention to cut off the breaker and keep away from broken wires because there is a risk of fire due to electric leakage if the building is flooded.

Power outage in Tohoku

According to Tohoku Electric Power's “Power outage information”, the number of power outages at 6:00 pm was 1,900 in Iwate, 3100 in Miyagi, and 3300 in Fukushima.

Of these, in Iwate Prefecture, there were 1600 power outages in Miyako City, and power outages continued in Ichinoseki City and Yamada Town.

In Miyagi Prefecture, there are 1700 in Marumoricho, 500 in Ishinomaki, 400 in Kakuda, 300 in Onagawa, and 200 in Ogo.

In Fukushima Prefecture, Tamura City has 2,100 units and Motomiya City has 800 units, and Iwaki City and Ishikawa Town have blackouts.

Tohoku Electric says that “we are working hard to eliminate the power outage as soon as possible”, but in some areas, “it may take a long time to recover”.