Chikuma River Flooding Unable to treat sewage, flooded treatment plant, Nagano City, October 13, 14:31

Due to the typhoon No. 19 flooding the Chikuma River, one of the three sewage treatment plants in Nagano city is inundated, making it impossible to treat sewage.

Inundated by “Cleanpia Chikuma” in Akanuma, Nagano City, in addition to the northeastern part of Nagano City, Suzaka City, Obuse Town, and Takayama Village are treated.

According to Nagano City, the remaining two sewage treatment plants in the city are significantly degraded in their treatment functions due to the influx of rainwater.

As a result, the city calls on residents to reduce wastewater by refraining from washing and using the bath, because there is a risk that sewage treatment will not be possible.

According to Nagano City, because the sewage treatment plant has stopped functioning, there is a risk of sewage overflowing from manholes.